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Submissive Surprise
Views: 3564 · Posted: 4 year ago

She walks to his bedroom where she finds the bed a mess. Then she hears the sound of running water in the bathroom. Quite excited, she knows she needs to act fast. She stands outside the bathroom and waits, entertaining herself with the fun images of him naked, showering, the warm water running over... Click to Read More

Master Desire
Views: 2619 · Posted: 4 year ago

Her breasts swayed as he placed the soft rubber gag between her lips, his body gently grazing hers as he did. He placed metal clips over her nipples, the sting coursing through her as they bit into her tender flesh. Each nipple swelled as she moaned deeply from behind the gag, a sob of desire.

She... Click to Read More

Sub Pride
Views: 1911 · Posted: 4 year ago

I wanted her to be able to enjoy a hot bath, I ushered her into the bathtub, and as she lay back I worked a soapy lather in my hands. I let my hand slide up along her thigh until I reached junction of her legs and rubbed it firmly over her mound, letting my finger slip between her lips briefly as I trailed over... Click to Read More

Submissive Desire
Views: 2476 · Posted: 4 year ago

Walking into the bedroom dressed precisely as her Master had ordered, she knelt before him wearing only a collar and a thong.

Pleased with her attire, he used the soft leather restraints to bind her laying face down in a spread eagle position. Placing a pillow beneath her stomach to raise her body... Click to Read More

FemDom Whipped
Views: 5908 · Posted: 4 year ago

She stood behind me and struck me on the ass with the crop as a reminder of my vulnerability.

"Suck him clean," Mistress commanded.

I couldn't believe my ears. The thought of sucking another man's cock disgusted me. The crop came down against my ass with a resounding blow. I yelped and felt... Click to Read More

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