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My Sick Nasty Ball Squeezing Fetish (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1. Explaining My Insatiable Ball-Squeezing Fetish Chapter 2. Taking Possession of Brian’s Large Nude Balls Chapter 3. Why All Men Love It When I Crush their Balls Chapter 4. Brian’s Painful Two-Hour Ball Squeezing Session Begins as I Drag him Out of the Theater by his... Click to Read More

Hot Apple Cider - Extreme Ballbusting Story

....... Next, I stood up and walked past Pea Nuts, smirking at him as I headed for my newbie, Kyle. I instructed Jenny to unlock his cage and his privates from chastity. In the few minutes it took her to get the key, I spent some quality time rattling his cage, tossing his testicles... Click to Read More

Submissive Surprise

She walks to his bedroom where she finds the bed a mess. Then she hears the sound of running water in the bathroom. Quite excited, she knows she needs to act fast. She stands outside the bathroom and waits, entertaining herself with the fun images of him naked, showering, the warm water running over his body... Click to Read More

Master Desire

Her breasts swayed as he placed the soft rubber gag between her lips, his body gently grazing hers as he did. He placed metal clips over her nipples, the sting coursing through her as they bit into her tender flesh. Each nipple swelled as she moaned deeply from behind the gag, a sob of desire. She looked hungrily... Click to Read More

Sub Pride

I wanted her to be able to enjoy a hot bath, I ushered her into the bathtub, and as she lay back I worked a soapy lather in my hands. I let my hand slide up along her thigh until I reached junction of her legs and rubbed it firmly over her mound, letting my finger slip between her lips briefly as I trailed over her. I... Click to Read More

Submissive Desire

Walking into the bedroom dressed precisely as her Master had ordered, she knelt before him wearing only a collar and a thong. Pleased with her attire, he used the soft leather restraints to bind her laying face down in a spread eagle position. Placing a pillow beneath her stomach to raise her body off the bed... Click to Read More

FemDom Whipped

She stood behind me and struck me on the ass with the crop as a reminder of my vulnerability. "Suck him clean," Mistress commanded. I couldn't believe my ears. The thought of sucking another man's cock disgusted me. The crop came down against my ass with a resounding blow. I yelped and felt another blow turn my... Click to Read More

Men In Pain Gang

I have always been considered a male chauvinist pig by most of the women I had taken to bed a few times and used for my own perverted pleasures. Then I would drop them like a used up condom when they got to the point were they wouldn’t be caught in my apartment much less in a bed again.

Sure it was a... Click to Read More

Painful Conquest

She stood behind him with the large hard strap on. Her hand was slowly stroking the long hard shaft; she spit on the shaft so that her hand would move along it with a little more ease.

He lay bent over the stool whining through the hardball gag stretching his mouth open. His hands were cuffed and chained... Click to Read More

Surprising Change

Vicki handed me a robe, told me to strip, put it on and then join her down in her basement. So I got my robe on and went down there. We had been having some fantastic sex since I met her 3 weeks ago. I was curious as to what this woman had planned next. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw Vicki on... Click to Read More

Loaned And Dry

I picked up the phone in my room on the first ring. "Quiet slut! Just listen. He will be there in a few minutes. I want you blindfolded and kneeling with your back to the door. Do you understand?" My master demanded. My heart was instantly pounding. Excited and fearful and submissive, I answered, "Yes sir."... Click to Read More

Sharing With Mistress

Mistress Emily runs two fingers slowly up my body, my stomach, until they reach the small puffy areolas of my breasts.

“Are you enjoying this, my slave? Mistress Emily asks, softly pinching my nipple.

I arch my back at my Mistress’s touch, and slightly moan, knowing what will happen... Click to Read More